Steps for Artists and Songwriters

There are five key steps to ensuring that you are fully in control of your music and your music rights. Artists Ahead supports you at every step of this journey.

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1. Know your catalogue

You need to be clear what specific songs and recordings you were involved in creating and what your connection is to each of those works – and you need to communicate this information to the music industry. We can help you identify your songs and recordings, and record that information within the music industry’s databases, and on the blockchain. We can also make sure you have all the necessary data attached to each work.

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2. Know your rights

The way music copyright works is complicated, but understanding the basics is important to take control of your rights. We will help you understand all the basics. And we will make sure you ask all the right questions and agree all the right things with your collaborators – including other artists, songwriters, musicians and producers, as well as any music industry partners. And we’ll make sure what you agree is logged with the music industry’s databases, and on the blockchain.

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3. Get your music to market

Once you’ve recorded your music, you need to get it streaming. You may already be working with a record label or music distributor in this domain. But if not, then we can handle this for you too. We’ll get your music onto every digital music service that matters, from the big global platforms to the key regional services in emerging markets to the newer and more niche digital music companies.

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4. Connect with the collective licensing system

In many scenarios, when your music is used, the royalties you are due will come in via the collective licensing system, with collecting societies like PPL and PRS collecting the money from the users of music. This includes whenever your music is broadcast or performed in public. We can get you and your music connected to this system - and manage things day-to-day to make sure you get paid as quickly and accurately as possible.

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5. Collect your money

Once your music is being streamed, broadcast and performed in public, you are due royalties. These come in from many different places around the world – with money flowing down an assortment of often complicated royalty chains. With Artists Ahead you can easily track all the monies in one place, follow all the different payments as they flow through the system, and truly understanding how your music and music rights are making money.

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