Key features & benefits

Giving you control over the business of your music.

Artists Ahead Rock Web

Key features & benefits

Secure and document music rights with our cutting edge blockchain-powered rights certification system. This will confirm and communicate whatever has been agreed regarding rights and royalties every time artists, songwriters and performers collaborate on writing and recording music.

Release and distribute your catalogue quickly and globally. We'll deliver your recordings onto every digital music service that matters, from the major players to key regional services in emerging markets to newer/ niche digital music companies.

We will collect and manage all royalties your recordings and songs have generated from digital music services and the collective licensing system in one easy-to-use portal.

You can access all these services and track your rights and royalties day-to-day via our portal, accessible wherever you are in the world on your computer or your smartphone.

Effectively managing your music rights and royalties is vital for building a successful and sustainable music business.

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Manage your music business from one portal

You can manage your entire music rights business through our portal or you can give your team and partners authority to administrate your rights and royalties in the platform on your behalf.