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Artists Ahead Pop Web

Manage the business of your music in one easy-to-use portal

Take control of your music rights and royalties with Artists Ahead. 

We provide the tools for you and your team to manage your catalogue as a whole, securing your rights, distributing your music out to the streaming platforms, and collecting and processing your royalties globally from many different sources in the most transparent and efficient way. 

Key features & benefits

Artists Ahead R B Web

Rethinking the music business

In the modern music business, you can and should be able to take full control of your music rights and your music royalties. Artists Ahead is an innovative solution that allows you to exercise that control. You can distribute your music, track usage of recordings or songs and view your data and payments received every step of the way, removing unnecessary intermediaries and maximising transparency.

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Artists Ahead Indie Web

Power to the creatives

We give you more control over your activities and business in the music industry helping you get the most from the music rights you are creating.

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Artists Ahead Rock Web

Fair play, fair pay

The business side of the music industry is complicated. Streaming deals are complex. How can you take control of your music rights when it's so confusing? Artists Ahead is simplifying the process. 

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Artists Ahead Soul Web

Clear ownership data and secured rights

Music production is often a collaborative process and can involve many third parties presenting a challenge when it comes to music rights and music royalties, as there is a need to know who created the music and who needs to be paid when it gets played. Artists Ahead is using cutting edge new technology including blockchain to address this challenge.  

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