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Rethinking the music business

In today's music industry, you should be able to take full control of your music rights and royalties. Artists Ahead provide an innovative solution that allows you to exercise that control. We use technology to fulfil our ethos of making the business of music fair and transparent. We provide music creators with a music distribution, royalty collection, and blockchain-powered copyright protection platform - getting a better deal for the people whose creativity powers the music industry.

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Power to the creators

Songwriters and recording artists face multiple challenges when it comes to getting paid fairly for their creative contribution - unfair contractual terms, hidden fees, poor quality data, delays in getting paid and receiving an unfair share of royalties. Artists Ahead does things differently: you retain full ownership of your rights and we operate with full transparency, charging competitive and fully disclosed fees.

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Protect your copyrights

Artists Ahead’s copyright registration service uniquely utilises a public blockchain to offer an affordable way of registering ownership of the songs you write and the music you record. If ownership of your music is challenged, you can prove its provenance and we'll be on hand to help.

Now you never have to worry about your music being unprotected.

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Music metadata done properly

It's common knowledge that money owed to artists and songwriters often goes missing. Missing and inaccurate metadata is generally the culprit. At Artists Ahead, we take great care to make sure that your data, particularly track identifiers and ownership information is 100% accurate. And because we are able to licence and collect both recording and publishing royalties, you won't face the metadata minefield.


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All your royalties, all under one roof

In the music industry today, different types of royalty are collected by different organisations. For a recording artist, royalties from digital use of your music might be collected by a distributor. Royalties from traditional uses, such as radio, might be collected by a collective management organisation. For songwriters, publishing royalties are generally licensed and collected by a performing rights organisation. This makes it hard to understand how your music is being used and ensure that you are being paid correctly.

Artists Ahead puts everything under one roof, with all your royalty data and payment information easily accessible in our portal.

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